Hot Sauce 101 – The Top Eight Hot Sauces in the U.S. and How to {Really} Enjoy Them.

Azúcar & Spice

{Disclaimer: This is the opinion of a hot sauce aficionado and self-proclaimed spice-o-holic. 30 years of experience in the hot sauce tasting industry went into determining the accuracy of this post.}

Although most wine enthusiasts would frown upon it, you could probably pair a filet mignon with a glass of Chardonay. But why would you do that, when you could have a much more pleasant taste experience by drinking a Cabernet Sauvignon instead? You might be asking yourself: What does wine have to do with hot sauce? After years of extensive research I’ve found that the best way to enjoy a flavorful hot sauce is to pair it with the right foods. And while you could put the same hot sauce on chicken that you would put on your eggs, your meal experience wouldn’t be as tasty. Like wine, the flavor options in hot sauces are endless, so how do you know…

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