Instagram for EFL



Today I stumbled on something marvelous. After updating Instagram on my phone, I discovered that you can now make and share short videos.

One of the first videos I watched was a girl reading a list of words.

Fascinating right?

Well, sure, you’d be forgiven if you just went huh?!

However, the key to my interest is the hashtag: #dawnsaccentcollection

If you have instagram I highly recommend you search for the tag. There are several videos made by people all over the UK and some in the States, all reading the same list of words. It’s a great study in accents for anyone with a general interest, but we’re language teachers.

I’m excited! Are you?

Off the top of my head classroom applications:

  • Students choose two and compare the accents of one or two words of their choice. Use phonetic chart to analyse what’s going on.
  • Teacher chooses a word…

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