Classroom Staples


I tend to adapt a lot of my ideas and lessons according to my learners and the space I have to work in, but there are a few things I always carry through to my classes.
This was done by a colleague and is obviously for lower level learners. This really helps embed “time telling” knowledge by the age-old trick of exposure. In other words, if they see this up in the classroom everyday, its bound to sink in!
This is my “Wall of Wisdom”. At the end of each day (or week, or module, as you see fit) I give students some post-its and get them to write one word they recently learned. In the mornings, or on a Friday, revise the vocab. You could turn it into a game and award points, etc.
Underhill’s Phonemic Chart. I can’t stress enough how important these bad boys are. So many…

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