Huichol Art Project

Blue Deer Center

Who are the Huichols and why are we connected to them?

In the rugged Sierra Madre of Mexico, the Huichol people are living as they have for thousands of generations, in communion with nature and each other. Never conquered by outsiders, their sacred traditions and connection to the Gods have remained intact. They are one of only a handful of existing indigenous cultures with such a continuous heritage. Their lives center around sacred rituals and tradition, everything from planting corn to embroidering clothes done in a sacred way, their artwork alive with their experience of the Divine.

Meanwhile, the lives of our people move in another direction – into coldness, doubt, fear and alienation. Amidst our impressive possessions, as we congratulate ourselves on our “evolution”, there is a disturbing emptiness, a yearning for something long forgotten. We no longer remember the fire our distant ancestors knew so well, and the…

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