Mexican League “Friendly” Match in Las Vegas: Sure, That’ll Go Well

Cheeks of the Week

Wednesday night in Las Vegas, day before the 4th of July, Mexican League rivals squared off in what was supposed to just be a friendly match.  That already sounds like a perfect storm of debauchery, but sprinkle a little bit of 100 degree weather in there and a ton of Tecate and you’ve got yourself a full on soccer riot.  The insanity started well before the match with the fans of these two clubs chucking rocks and shit at ea ch other in the parking lot and quickly spilled onto the field once the game kicked off.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good soccer riot if it’s kept classy (relatively speaking) and the unwritten rules are followed.  Sure, have a few adult beverages, yell some slurs, heckle your opponents, and maybe throw some fists if it gets to that level. But in the end everyone’s here…

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