Top Language: She is one sandwich short of a picnic!

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I had a lesson with SF today and she started telling me about an expression she had learned the previous day. She told me that Heather, one of the senior trainers, had used it in class .


 ‘ She is one sandwich short of a picnic’.


First, let me tell you about the game.

Heather and I have this long-standing game in progress. She is British and I am Canadian. We have very different colloquial  expressions. Whenever we can, we try to teach each other expressions by communicating them to learners who serve as messenger pigeons. It kills two birds with one stone. The learner and the other trainer learn something new.

This learning activity has also become part of this blog so it now extends to you too!

Right! Let’s get back to the expression.


It means that a person is lacking intelligence or may be…

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