Loose or lose?


Which word rhymes with shoesloose or lose? It’s lose. (For example, Don’t lose your cool.)

Loose rhymes with noose and caboose. (For example, He let the dogs loose.)

To remember these, I use these phrases:

The goose is loose. (goose has two o’s, and so does loose)

A loser will lose. (loser has one o, and so does lose)

Now try these:

  1. Did you (loose/lose) your way?
  2. (Loose/Lose) 20 kilos of fat with this simple trick!
  3. One of my teeth is (loose/lose).
  4. (Loose/Lose) lips sink ships.
  5. There’s a lion on the (loose/lose).
  6. Your team is going to (loose/lose).

The answers:

  1. lose
  2. Lose
  3. loose
  4. Loose
  5. loose
  6. lose

(PS: One of the reasons people get this wrong is because choose is spelt the same way as loose, and they mistakenly think the words are pronounced the same way as well. Choose rhymes…

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