Pet Peeve: Writing Plurals with an Apostrophe

Nhan Fiction

People make typos. Even I make typos. It’s a human thing to do.

However, I do believe that it is important for individuals to make an effort to cut down on silly typos that make grammar enthusiasts/Nazis like myself cringe.

For this particular post, I want to talk a bit about how annoyed I get when I see people put an apostrophe with their plurals.




Like, what the heck? This is such simple grammar that goes back to elementary school. Do some people not realize the simple difference between stuff like, “cars versus car’s?”

Ugh, it just irks me so much. It baffles me how possessions and plurals are mixed up. Seriously, there are a few legitimate situations where using an apostrophe for a plural is actually correct.

Example: “Bernie received three A’s on his report card this semester.”

Another example: “There are four 2’s in a…

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