Practice, Man, Practice.

Wild and Woolly Wordsmithing

“Language is the expression by a speaker of his intentions. Its origin is in the desire to convey meaning, and it must become a habit on the portion of the body that produces it: that is, the tongue.”  – The Muqaddimah of Ibn Khaldun

I first found that quote at the head of one of the chapters to one of my favorite books by Laurie R. King, O Jerusalem. It struck a chord with me, and also got me thinking about writing and practice. He was right, Ibn Khaldun. How could I expect to be an author, if language and writing were not a habit I cultivated?

Practice makes one, if not perfect, certainly more skillful. I’ve heard that you don’t get published until you’ve written a million words. Fortunately, writing is not only my passion, it’s also a substantial part of my day job as well. Although I…

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