Why I use airport role plays


Disclaimer: this post was not written in response to @michaelegriffin ‘s excellent rant against airport role plays. It was written two weeks ago after I finished my most recent camp in response to a tweet he sent:

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 8.28.18 PM

With the idea in my mind that I might have to defend the very existence of the staple activity of English Villagedom, I began this post (admittedly in part as a response to the post I *thought* he might write). And you can see what happened just below.

This post was originally going to be titled “In defence of airport role plays.” However, I realized while writing it that I don’t really feel all that defensive. Role plays are things I do as part of my job. There are several reasons for this and I’ve tried to articulate them below. I am aware that they are not “authentic”, but I’m also okay…

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