Public Speaking: Five Presentation Quotes to Reflect On

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What makes a great presenter? Tina Fey, in my last article, said, “Confidence“. I agree with her, but want to go deeper this time, to address some factors that are as equally important as confidence is.

To begin, one important aspect, for me, is reflection.

That’s reflection, before the presentation, as well as after the presentation. During the presentation, I’m no longer reflecting, but present in the moment, making the best possible use of my preparation. In other words, I’m doing the best I can in that given moment.

First of all, however, the five quotes I’m reflecting on come from Ethos3 I chose them because they were obviously worth the exercise of reflection. The Ethos3 Team called the five quotes, “Our Favorite Presentation Quotes“. This assures me a great deal of thought went into selecting these quotes, and not others.

So, let me say that…

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