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Manjiri Indurkar 

Lolita’s big grey eyes stare at me from a distance. In the past few days, wherever I have gone, she has accompanied me; silently, she has watched me. Often, in an idle state of mind, I have touched her, flipped through the pages that contain her, and abandoned her, halfway through the act. In a religiously followed routine, she is riding the metro with me and travelling in the rickshaw with me. These days, she sits in my backpack throughout the day and then comes back home with me. It seems like an act of infidelity, touching her, virgin, as she rests in my backpack. Lo. Lee. Ta. I tell her that she will have to wait, perhaps for a few more days, before I am ready for her; for the light of Humbert Humbert’s life; the fire of his loins.

I am, for the lack of a…

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