Climb high while the sun shines: London’s best rooftop bars

Random Talk

As I explained in my inaugural post, my blog Random Talk is a celebration of the patterned randomness of life – the coming together of the expected and the surprise, the known and the unknown, the common and the rare.  The last week has probably got to be dedicated to the occurrence of the rarest of rare events – “black swan” or “tail” events in the bell curve normal distribution of the random walk of life. So, in the world of politics – you have simultaneous examples from two opposite extremes of the distribution – the American democracy entered the 238th year of uninterrupted existence since independence, the one in Egypt lasted a mere 1 year! In the world of sport, the Wimbledon championship was won by a Brit for the first time in 77 years;  of course, as a friend pointed out to me, for that ubiquitous…

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