Internet Famous …



Is it in the human ego to want to be known wide and far?
Is the apparent desire for internet fame an off-shoot of the cult of celebrity that we see in every day lives, just expanding in to the virtual and infinite medium of the internet?

We all have hobbies, and to each person another’s hobbies might seem odd or strange. As a hobby that seems to have come across from Japan, Cosplay has been gaining momentum and popularity over the last few years and is often seen ‘geek’ events like Dragon-Con in the US, and the MCM and LFCC Expos in London.

For those not in the know, the word Cosplay is a portmanteau of Costume and Play. The hobby itself in it’s simplest description consists of dressing up as yoru favourite character(s) and exploring your fandom through the medium of costume, while hanging out with like-minded people

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