Really Want to Encourage Quiet Students to Talk More

Incognito Portus

I have some quiet students in my Level 1 classes. Generally, I always try to be more open and friendly to them by approaching the students one by one (we only have 20 students per class, so this makes the job easier). I try to make a fun and ‘English-friendly’ class, so all students can practice their English more comfortably. It works for most students, since I can see them gradually talk more in English despite the mistakes they occasionally make. Some students, however, are still reluctant to talk despite of my attempt to approach them.

I found joking a little bit at class makes the students more comfortable and approachable, so I tried to apply this to the group of quieter students. They feel comfortable, yes, yet they are still shy and afraid to talk in English. This frustrates me a bit since I really want them to be…

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