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Rivers of Hope

English: the language of King James, Shakespeare and Webster; the first language to declare, “All men are created equal;” the only language ever spoken on the moon.English: the most bizarre and confusing language in the world.

It’s a wonder anyone can understand it. For example:

The plural of moose is moose while the plural of goose is geese, but the plural of mongoose is mongooses.

Ewe and you are pronounced the same but share no common letters.

The longest word with non-duplicated letters is uncopyrightable.

Dismayed, disrupt and inept are negative words that have no positive form.

Are, came, gape and lien are one syllable words; but add one letter each and they become three syllables: area, cameo, agape, and alien.

Rugged is two syllables, but add a couple of letters—shrugged—and it becomes one syllable.

At times, redundancy is completely acceptable—Rio Grande River and Sierra Mountains, among…

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