What do prepositions say about you?

The Proof Angel

Proofreading_and_editing_blog_29Prepositions are the words that indicate location. They often come at the beginning of a phrase and indicate the relationship in time, space or logic of something to the rest of the sentence. The cat sat on the mat. The boy plays under the tree.

Many years ago there was a TV advertisement for American Express. It was the card that says more about you than cash ever can. My parents always muttered about how it showed who was easily taken in by advertisements.

Prepositions tell more about you than most other types of word. Indeed in some contexts whether you use them at all is a good indicator of your origins. British people go out on Tuesday, while Americans tend to just go out Tuesday.

Some give away your age. My grandparents and parents made plans to do things at the weekend. My nieces & nephews plan what they will…

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