Mexico Embarks upon the Anti-Hunger Program

Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America

By VLADISLAV CHERNIY, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

“Hunger, for many, is perhaps an ignored truth. There are those who do not know about it. Others, perhaps, do not accept it and some do not even dare to mention it.” Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico

World hunger refers to the second definition, aggregated to the world level. The related technical term (in this case operationalized in medicine) is either malnutrition, or, if malnutrition is taken to refer to both undernutrition and over-nutrition, undernutrition.  Both malnutrition and undernutrition refer to not having enough food. Hunger is a term which has three meanings (Oxford English Dictionary 1971):

– the uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite. Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food;
– the want or scarcity of food in a country;
– a strong desire or craving.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture…

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