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Collocations in English

English Collocations with the Word TIME


The Lav

The Lav

The Lav is a contraction of the lavatory and here it is!
So when you take morning English classes with London English, this is what you pay for!

Alternative Teaching Methods in Mexico

Alternative Teaching Methods in Mexico

What Methods One Can Use Teaching English in Mexico and All Around the Globe?

Online English Lessons

Strolling around Guadalajara 015

Online English Lessons


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Mexican girl speaking English

This young lady explains why she needs to speak English

Mexican Twins Speaking English

Two gorgeous Mexican twins (well how many would there be? – Doh!), speaking English.

Mexican Polyglot

Mexican polyglot speaks English, Spanish, Polish, French, Catalan, Romanian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Latin & Italian. I hope this video inspires others to study languages and learn about other cultures. Thanks for watching.

Mexican Pirates

According to this video Mexican pirates are active on the border and that Mexico is dangerous. Obviously they weren’t talking about the rest of Mexico, in particular, Guadalajara.
The city of Guadalajara is a far cry from the border and it’s one of the safest cities I’ve been to.

Does anybody out there think that Mexico is any more dangerous than other countries or is it just the border region with the United States?

Texas Senator Tells Mexican to Speak English

A few years ago I spent a couple of years in Barcelona and having come to Mexico in March, I guess I should really be getting to grips with Spanish… Does anybody feel that the Mexican was insulting the Americans by failing to speak English. If anybody’s in Guadalajara, you can study English in the mornings at the London Deli Pub in Hidalgo.

Hi Everybody!

ImageHi from Mexico!

I have started this blog in order to complement our English language classes here in Guadalajara.

We are now conducting English lessons from 10:00 am lunes through to viernes until 13:00.

All classes are structured to meet the needs of our students and are taught by English native speakers.

All classes take place at:

London Deli Pub, Hidalgo 1494, Guadalajara.

We hope to see you there!

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