Road block to stop theft of water from Yaqui peoples


Mexico Embarks upon the Anti-Hunger Program

Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America

By VLADISLAV CHERNIY, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

“Hunger, for many, is perhaps an ignored truth. There are those who do not know about it. Others, perhaps, do not accept it and some do not even dare to mention it.” Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico

World hunger refers to the second definition, aggregated to the world level. The related technical term (in this case operationalized in medicine) is either malnutrition, or, if malnutrition is taken to refer to both undernutrition and over-nutrition, undernutrition.  Both malnutrition and undernutrition refer to not having enough food. Hunger is a term which has three meanings (Oxford English Dictionary 1971):

– the uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite. Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food;
– the want or scarcity of food in a country;
– a strong desire or craving.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture…

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Castillo’s Oranges.

Adventures In Historyland

In his book “A true history of the conquest of New Spain” (Un veridad historia de la conquista de Nueva España) Conquistador Bernal Diaz de Castillo wrote that after experiencing many hardships and battles, Juan de Grijalva’s 1518 expedition to Yucatan, landed in the Tobasco region of Mexico on the 1st of May. There he tells of a very poignant little story, that I found strangely moving, possibly about how the first Oranges came to central America.

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Towering Ships

Ducky's Travels 'Round the World

89_2 ships_cozumel_day 2_view 1This is what it feels like to walk amongst giants, giant cruise ships, that is.  Docked in Cozumel, Mexico off the Yucatan Peninsula, the Holland America ship (left) and Carnival ship (right) tower over the guests as they walk back to the pier from the daytime excursions out and about.

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FA – The Rise of Mexico’s Self-Defense Forces

Ana Alves, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Lee University

Across Mexico, the lawlessness and carnage of the drug wars have given rise to scores of local self-defense forces aiming to defend their communities. The federal government may be tempted to disband and disarm these armed vigilantes, but until it can shape up its security sector, the local groups offer an imperfect but acceptable alternative.

via The Rise of Mexico’s Self-Defense Forces.

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New horizons! Australia & Mexico

Mexico vs. Panama Gold Cup Match at The Rose Bowl


This past Sunday was the much anticipated first set of CONCACAF Gold Cup matches between Mexico and Panama. Canada vs. Martinique was played before in a double-header but I skipped it in order to partake in all the free food at the tailgate parties.

I covered the game for Remezcla where you can see photos (including the above) and read a bit about the madness. See more HERE.

I also uploaded a bunch more photos on Flickr that were unused. Here are a few of my favorites that were cut:







The foul that lead to…



…Panama’s first goal.





There are more on my flickr.

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#2. British Study Centres – School of English

TOEIC practice websites

20 TOEIC Tips

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